Membership fee/form turn-in

We’ve been receiving quite a few emails from people who want to turn in their membership forms and membership fees in order to become paid members. We’re so glad to have so many members who want to get involved with the Flying Samaritans, we set up two times this week when members can turn in their forms (available here: ; and $25 membership fee.

5PM-5:30PM, Thursday 20 October @ Main Gym betw/ Muir and Revelle (on the right steps, near the bike racks)

6PM – 8PM, Friday 21 October @ Geneva 205 (Ihouse)

Keep in mind, we cannot accept a membership form without the $25 membership fee and vice versa.

Hope to see you then!
Anelah McGinness
Co-president, 2011-12

PS. You can search for these location using the searchable map of UCSD

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  1. Hi!
    I just heard about this club through a friend and was wondering how I can get more involved. I think I accidentally posted on an older group page… but hope you can help!

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