Clinic Report Dec 10th 2011

Total # of volunteers: 16

# of Health Professionals: 1 + his wife
Health Professionals: Dr. Darren Chambers

Total Patients Seen: 26 patients
Females: 18
Males: 8


Pharmacy: Ran out of sandwich bags for the medications, so LiYin and Amy went to buy some more.

Vitals: Two new blood pressure cuffs and a new scale helped. There weren’t any blood glucose strips, so Ricky and Amy went to buy some more.

Translator: 4 volunteers were native Spanish speakers, which made patient histories pretty accurate and facilitated the flow of patients into and out of clinic. The doctor himself is a Spanish speaker, and did not require a translator.

Seminars: NA

Histories: Crystal and Vanessa, native Spanish speakers, switched off getting patient histories. Amy still working on the patient history labels. She will finish them up in SD. Will switch to manila folders with tabs on the top, switch to organization by birthdate, and get rid of green hanging files.

Other: We almost had to have clinic outdoors due to the roof being incomplete. The entire building was covered, so we could hold clinic indoors, despite some of the building materials being all over the triage room. The mold smell in the pharmacy is much better now. The fiesta went well. Prizes were handed out, face-painting, and a piñata was set up for the kids.