Clinic Report Jan 21st 2012

Date of Clinic: January 21, 2012

Total # of volunteers: 12 volunteers
Names of Volunteers:
Alberto Gomez
Sanminder Singh
Amy Phan
Louisa So
Minh Pham
Phoebe Kim
Emily Barney
Nam Chi Vu
Ksenia Zavorotinskaya
Kiana Pham
Sonny Yoo
Anelah McGinness

# of Health Professionals:
Health Professionals: 1 resident (Cynthia Wilson) 1 dentist (Dr. Raja)

Total Patients Seen: 15
Women: 8
Men: 1
Children: 6

# Special Cases:
Special Cases:
There was a man who came in with psoriasis. It was all around his arms, neck, and armpits.
A 60yo woman has highly uncontrolled diabetes. She also has angina and leg cramps/pain. The resident gave her 3 different medications. The patient didn’t want to take one of the medications given because she said it makes sick.
Besides those two cases, most of the patients came in because of virals or influenzas

Pharmacy: Out of labels and surgical masks

Vitals: need more gloves

Translator: We were short on translators


Histories: The patient history folders were well organized