Krispy Kreme Fundraiser #2!

Kripy Kreme Fundraiser! We will be doing another Krispy Kreme Fundraiser Wednesday, Feb 29th, of 8th week!

The first one was super fun and a success so we figured we would do it again! We will again be preselling donuts at $10/box, so ask around your lab, office, class, etc.

Please email if you would like to order a box. Super great: WE WILL DELIVER right to your hands on the 29th! We sold-out last time thanks to members helping us sell on library walk. We will make sure to buy PLENTY of doughnuts this time around, and sell all extras to freshman dorms at night.

If you are able to help out even if just for an hour please sign up on the following doodle to help sell doughnuts with us! As always, this counts as a clinic event.

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