Ralph’s Fundraising Campaign!

We need everyone’s help for our Ralphs fundraising campaign! You’re already online, make those few minutes count for something!

If you have a Ralphs club card (and if you don’t have one, get one) go to http://www.ralphs.com/myralphs/703/Pages/community_contribution.aspx

Just scroll to the bottom and click “enroll” under “participant,” make a quick account, and type in your Ralph’s club card number. If you do that, every time you shop at Ralphs with your card 1-4% of your purchase will go to us (and you’ll get a discount too!)

Important: when you make your account, go under “account settings’ –> “community contribution” enter your address and put “Flying Samaritans at UCSD (we’re under the Escondido address)

Pass it on to your friends and relatives, anyone can help and it all goes to purchasing medicines and supplies for our free clinic in Mexico!

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