Officer Apps 2012-2013

Hi Everybody,

This is your chance to become a LEADER! To make a DIFFERENCE!

Apply for a position in the Flying Samaritans E-Board.

Applications are now available, and they will be due on Friday of 2nd Week *April 13th*!

However, the earlier you turn them in, the better it is… Show your dedications for our organization! Also, everybody including current e-board members will need to apply or re-apply for the positions. We will be having interviews shortly after we have received all of the applications.

I have attached a summary of the positions, if you have any questions of what these positions intail, don’t hesitate to ask. Also, some of the positions such as clinical coordinator require more than one individual, therefore, there are many chances for everybody to get involved.

However, don’t just apply because you want to put it on your resume, we need a hardworking group of individuals to run efficiently next year.

Can’t wait to read everybody’s applications!

Good Luck,

Madlena Nalbandyan
Flying Samaritans



The following files are attached to this e-mail:

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