Clinic Report April 21st 2012

Ensenada Clinic Report


Date of Clinic: April 21, 2012


Total # of volunteers: 13

Names of Volunteers: Anelah McGuinness

Raymond Lam

Oleg Stens

Vicky Yu

Vanessa Muniz

Amy Nguyen

Shaila Bonanno

Ellen Zacarias

Alisha Wagoner

Tricia Ngo

Sonny Yoo

Ricky Lozano

LiYin Lan


# of Health Professionals: 4

Health Professionals: Dr. Dennis Andrade

Mary Gettys (Nurse)

Erica Garcia (Nurse)

Caroline Kaemerle (3rd year medical student)


Total Patients Seen: 16

Women: 7

Men: 5

Children: 4


# Special Cases: 2

Special Cases: Woman with pneumonia

Child with an allergic reaction to chocolate




Lab: Need to train people on how to use the lab tests. Skill based, so the two volunteers (Amy and Vicky) stayed at the station the entire time. The doctor used quite a lot of the tests, so seems quite successful.


Pharmacy: Still needs to put everything back on the shelf from the bags.


Vitals: NA


Translator: plenty (Dr. Andrade, Mary Gettys, Erica Garcia, Vanessa Muniz, Ricky Lozano, Alisha Wagoner, and Anelah McGinness all could translate or talk to patients)


Seminars: Wasn’t awkward that Ricky presented some women’s health stuff. Patients seemed very receptive to the women’s health topics.


Histories: Plenty of Spanish speakers.