Clinic Report February 18th 2012

Ensenada Clinic Report


Date of Clinic: Feb 18, 2012


Total # of volunteers: 18

Names of Volunteers: Ashley Bauer

Elan Sherazee

Anelah McGuiness

Irene Kim

Milad Bahmanof

Maria Ruiz

Christine Vu

Nam Chi Vu

Debbie Ly

Amy Nguyen

Crystal Estrada

Vanessa Muniz

Diana Kirchmann

Christopher Paddock

Thanhmy Nguyen

LiYin Lan

Theresa Tran

Victoria Phan


# of Health Professionals: 1

Health Professionals: Dr. Shantu Patel


Total Patients Seen: 21

Females: 17

Males: 4


# Special Cases:

Special Cases: x




Pharmacy: Packed everything up and moved it into the dental room so that the roof can be fixed. There’s still a lot of black mold on the ceilings and moisture in the room in general.


Vitals: Couldn’t find the glucometers (embrace) that matched the strips at fit=rst; then we found 100s of glucometer strips.


Translators: Maria, Crystal, Vanessa, and Diana all spoke Spanish and rotated between translating for Dr. Patel and collecting patient histories.


Seminars: Went well. Crystal, Vanessa, and Ashley went around asking patients about what they did and did not know about oral health. They ended the day with a presentation about oral health in general. The patients seemed appreciative of the information and asked a lot of questions. They requested that the PH team do something about nutrition.


Histories: Patient history files were left behind in SD, so all forms were collected and will be handed off to Amy for filing.