Clinic Report March 24th 2012

Clinic Trip March 24th


UCSD Flying Samaritans clinic trip on March 24th was one filled with a lot of major projects to help improve the clinic, along with the usual diagnosing of patients. There were about 30 patients that were seen by both the dentist and the doctor. There were about 17 volunteers, who attended this trip. In the morning, the clinic administrators had gone to organize the medications, since they had all been relocated before the repairing of the roof. These e-board members stayed at the clinic the entire day organizing the medications and making it into the “pharmacy they have always dreamed of”. Although it was a lot of hard work, its safe to say we not only have a great looking repaired roof, but also a very organized pharmacy. The global health board members also came and educated about nutrition, and this time it was predominately about reading the nutrition labels on the back of food products. Also, the healthy elements that should be present in our daily meals. During this time, we had also brought out dentist with us, Dr.Raja; however, she was only able to give consultations. We are hoping to grow our dentistry, and hopefully be able to do fillings and extractions in the near future. Along with our vitals station, we have started to grow a lab. In this lab, we will be checking patient’s Hemoglobin A1C, conducting urine analysis, and checking for cholesterol/HDL/triglycerides. The community center also was waiting for the new president to come to the clinic and pay a visit. Therefore, it was decorated with beautiful tablecloths and flowers. Sadly, the president never showed up. However, we did have a few important guests join us at the clinic such as the HDA. Overall, it was a great clinic trip. A few negative effects that occurred was that the roof started to leak again, which means we need to get it repaired once again or see exactly why they didn’t fix it well the first time around. Also, we were short on Spanish speakers, so hopefully next time we can recruit more Spanish speaking volunteers.