Clinic Trip Sign-ups – October 20, 2012

Hello everybody!

We will be holding our next clinic trip on Saturday, October 20th. In order to provide the best opportunities for our most active members, participation in 2 of the following events will be required to attend the clinic.


GBM #1 on 10/17 (There will be free pizza!)

Be a paid member – $25 (We are starting a new year so everyone needs pay for membership )

Hiking Social

Sign up for Ralphs card donations

Help us tabling on library walk

If you can attend at least 2 events by the 20th and have a valid US passport we encourage you to apply!  Apart from event attendance, people who are able to drive or who are fluent Spanish speakers will also be given priority.

Here is the link to sign up:


Look forward to a great clinic!

FS Clinic Coordinator