Make a donation to our club every time you shop at Ralphs!

Want to donate to our club at NO COST to you? Help us raise funds to run our clinic by designating us as your community contribution for every time you’re shopping at Ralphs!

1) Go to
2) Click on “sign in” or “create an account”
3) Go to “account settings” and “community rewards” to list “Flying Samaritans at UCSD” as your community contribution.
4) Turn in a receipt listing “Flying Samaritans at UCSD” as your beneficiary at the bottom in person, or scan a copy to secretary Amy Phan to earn a clinic point.

That’s it! You earn a small percentage of your receipt for us every time you make a purchase at no money out of your pocket!

Share this with your friends and family, and thank you to you in advance!

– Flying Sams at UCSD