Clinic Report – November 17, 2012

Ensenada Clinic Report


Date of Clinic:


November 17, 2012

Total # of volunteers: 23

Names of Volunteers:

Milad Bahmanof

Ksusha Zavorotinskaya

Trish Tran

Jonathan Gomez

Sophia (Liyi) Wang

Connie Paik

Crystal Estrada

Anelah McGinness

Sarah Kang

Mikhal (Serena) Freiman

Celia Martinez

Ryan Roleson

Brian Labadie

Alec Baumann

Kimmy Tam

Daniela Vital

Jennifer Rodriguez

Brenda Gonzalez

Justin Cheng

Jenny Han

Judy Liu

Melissa (Hang) Ha


# of Health Professionals:

Health Professionals: Dr. Akrami, Dr. Green and Dr. Marquez (Dentist)


Total Patients Seen:

Medical: 45

Dental: 19

Haircuts: 10


# Special Cases:

Special Cases: Couple of cases of Osteoarthritis, diabetic patient with bad infection who was losing her teeth.



Pharmacy: We took new inventory and things are getting nicer and more organized.

Vitals: Need to buy more tips for the ear temperature machine.

Seminars: Public Health presentation about diabetes went well and the poster look great.