Clinic Day, Week 2 (January 19th)

We will be holding our next clinic trip on Saturday, January 19.  Members who will be helping out on the Jan 12th Clean Up Trip are guaranteed to come one trip this quarter, including this one. Active members, drivers and fluent Spanish speakers will also be given priority.

We will meet at the corner of Myers’s and Gilman at 7AM and we will get back at UCSD at the same location around 8PM (depends on traffic). You must be a paid member and have a US passport to attend. Membership fee is $25 and can pay at pre-clinic meeting.. Clinic fee is $30 (drivers do not pay). All selected members must attend pre-clinic meeting on Friday January 18th in the evening.

Please sign up here if you are interested in attending.


Clinic coordinator:
Kiana Pham (

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