Clinic Report January 16, 2013

Ensenada Clinic Report


Date of Clinic:  January 16, 2013


Total # of volunteers:

Names of Volunteers: Kiana Pham

Brenda Gonzalez

Maria Ruiz

Michael Pimienta

Crystal Estrada

Shaila Bonannon

Oleg Stens

Sophia Wang

Shawna Le

Vicky Yu

Thanh Thanh

Trish Tran


# of Health Professionals:

Health Professionals:  Dr. Deris

Medical Student – Afshin


Total Patients Seen:  24

Women: 16

Men: 4

Children: 4


# Special Cases:

Special Cases: An 18yo girl came in with three symptoms: bad headaches, hair loss, and nasal congestions. The doctor figured that the nasal congestions are caused from the headaches and hair loss is just incidental.


An 70yo woman came in for back pain. She has pain everywhere on her back. The doctor gave her steroids for the pain but said that she needs to get an x-ray.




Pharmacy: Pharmacy was organized. Have a lot more new meds. Need to update the inventory.


Vitals: The vital station was ran by one person the whole time. We had two volunteers at lab station because lab was a lot more busy since we also did tests for public health research.


Translator: We had five Spanish speakers on this trip in total. I thought it was the perfect amount of translators to rotate. One was working with the doctor, one worked with the medical student, and one helped to take histories. Two others helped with public health research.


Histories: The charts are very organized. There are quite a few of new patients that came on this clinic trip so we would need more charts. Some said they have came before but we could not find their charts.

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