Clinic Report February 16, 2013

Ensenada Clinic Report


Date of Clinic:  February 16, 2013


Total # of volunteers: 20


Milad Bahmanof

Brian Labadie

Anne Phan-Huy

Joseph Stacy

Melissa (Hang) Ha

Daniela Vital

Vicki Phan

Selena Lopez

Joana Vazquez

Anelah McGinness

Narek Akopyan

Alma Esparza Castaneda

Justin Cheng

Nishant Munugala

Cristina Monterroza

Sonny Yoo

Jessica Valdivia

Maria Ruiz

Karen Carrasco

Sean Hee Soo Lee


# of Health Professionals:

Health Professionals:

Dr. Serpas

Dr. Andrade

Dr. Edelstein

Dr. Rodriquez

Lanelle Spriggs

Dr. Rajasekkaran


Total Patients Seen:  49

Medical: 34

Dental: 15


# Special Cases:

Two brothers plus their mom who have been coughing for 12 days, plus ear infections, one of the boys has lung problems due to second hand smoking.



Pharmacy: Pharmacy needs to get more organized. We took down many boxes of medication. Need to update the inventory list.


Many more bags of old medication were emptied out, we should be able to finish the rest on the next trip, we just have to make sure to take extra couple of volunteers for pharmacy in order to get the job done.


Maria Elena likes to have a group picture.


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