Clinic Report March 23, 2013

Ensenada Clinic Report


Date of Clinic:  March 23, 2013


Total # of volunteers: 16

Names of Volunteers: Kiana Pham

Brenda Gonzalez

Joseline Ochoa

Michael Pimienta

Anelah McGinness

Nicole Del Castillo

Tilcia Granados


Nam Nguyen

Joana Vazquez

Michael Fleming

Laurinda Thi

Narek Akopyan

Athena Meskimen

Sang Kim

Thanh Thanh

# of Health Professionals:

Health Professionals:  Dr. Kevan Akrami

Dr. Marquez


Total Patients Seen:

Medical: 19

Dental: 12


# Special Cases:

Special Cases: One older female patient came in with a lot of knee pain. We couldn’t give her anything for the pain. She needs surgery ASAP.

Two yo girl came in with history of having seizures, and needed medication until June. We didn’t have the liquid form so we had to go to a local pharmacy and luckily we were able to buy them without doctor’s prescription.

Two sisters came in with type I  diabetes. Gave them insulin pens.

Most patients came in for chronic pain, high blood pressure, or diabetes.




Pharmacy: Still cleaning up the pharmacy. Still have a lot of expired meds to get rid of. Have a lot more new meds. Need to update the inventory. Need more trash bags and maybe a fan on the next trip would be good to put in the other room in circulate air.


Vitals: The vital station was ran by two volunteers the whole time. It went smoothly. Need more thermometer covers.


Translator: We had a lot of Spanish speakers on this trip. Translating was not a problem. We had one for taking patients history, one translating for the doctor, and 3 in public health. The dentist speaks Spanish so no translator was needed.


Histories: The charts are very organized. There are quite a few of new patients that came on this clinic trip so we would need more charts. Overall, it went smoothly.


Lab: Was not as busy as last time. Went smoothly. Did mostly A1C and cholesterol tests. Need test trips for glucose test.


Dental: Still need a lot more equipments. Dentist did an extraction with her hand.

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