Clinic Report – April 20, 2013

Ensenada Clinic Report

Date of Clinic: April 20, 2013

Total # of volunteers: 14

Vicki Phan
Jessica Valdivia
Frank Mariskal
Daniela Vital
Lindsey Nguyen
Jennifer Chan
Sophia Wang
Joana Vasquez
Yen Duong
Jonathan Fomez
Melissa Ha
Roberto Nelson
Oleg Stens

# of Health Professionals:
Health Professionals:
Dr. Kabongo

Total Patients Seen: 31
Medical: 29

# Special Cases:
Many of the patient suffered with cases of HIV/AIDS.

Public Health: Students should apply their own knowledge and try to educate our patients.

More disposable bins are needed in order to continue getting rid of the expired medicine.

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