Clinic Report – May 25, 2013

Ensenada Clinic Report

Date of Clinic: May 25, 2013

Total # of volunteers: 14
Names of Volunteers: Kiana Pham
Brenda Gonzalez
Joseline Ochoa
Daniela Vital
Anelah McGinness
Anna Kwan
Susie Dang
Eric Babajanian
Danny Quach
Vanessa Ramirez
Thanhmy Nguyen
Judy Liu
Sonia Ventura
Selena Lopez

# of Health Professionals:
Health Professionals: Dr. Dennis Andrade

Total Patients Seen:
Medical: 23
Dental: 0

# Special Cases:
Special Cases: One young woman came in 33wk pregnant and the last time she saw a doctor was a month ago. According to Dr. Andrade, at the stage of pregnancy, she needs to have checkups every two weeks. We couldn’t do much for her since we did not have her chart nor proper equipments (ultrasound). Dr. Andrade made sure she and the baby were alright, gave her prenatal vitamins, and told her to follow up with her doctor ASAP.
We also saw a lot of children. Most of them had flu/cold. One in particular had a urinary tract infection. . A lot of adults came due to diabetes, high cholesterol, or skeletal muscle complaints.

Pharmacy: Cleaned up a lot of boxes. Categorized everything by alphabetical order. Also, de-pilled a lot of expired meds (5 trash bags total) Dr. Andrade also mentioned that there are a lot of meds that we don’t use.

Vitals: The vital station was ran by two volunteers the whole time. It went smoothly. Made a suggestion about have a list of phrases in Spanish that are commonly used for taking vitals.

Translator: Had barely enough Spanish speakers on the trip. Had some help from public health to take history at the end.

Histories: The charts are very organized. There are quite a few of new patients that came on this clinic trip so we would need more charts. A lot of old patient history forms from months ago are still not filed yet. The nursing student that came along on the trip suggested that maybe we can have a more thorough history form survey that patients can fill out prior to being seen (like a checklist)

Lab: Had some problems with the A1C test in the beginning but overall it went smoothly. Maybe next time we might need a translator there to help.

Dental: Did a lot of cleaning up. Brought down a lot of equipments.

Wishlist: Toilet papers, napkins

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