Clinic Report – June 29, 2013

Clinic Date: 29 June 2013

Total Health Professionals: Dr. Shantu Patel M.D., Dr. Guadalupe Marquez (+ daughter who is a 2nd year dental student, Lupita Dr. Marquez’s dental assistant, Thanh Phan, RN

Total Volunteers: 23

Total Patients Seen:
Medical: 17
Dental: 8

Special Cases:
Luisa, 8 yo, congenital malformation of bladder and left ureter. Recurrent UTI. Needs to see a urologist; will refer the case to the San Quintin Flying Sams clinic run by clinics in a northern branch – this branch does surgeries. Father, Luis, brough xrays – Dr. Patel suspected vesicular colonic fistula that needs to be sealed off.
Reports, Suggestions, or Comments:
Pharmacy: Brought some supplies, 3 clinic admins were present – taking inventory and organizing the cabinet to mark consistent places to keep our vitals and lav and other quick grab supplies. We bought Lysol wipes as well. A team of students was pill popping at all times today – they worked VERY hard and they depilled a ton of pills and blister packs, we are very grateful to them and the storage room has seen a lot of improvement – we will probably need another clean up day to scrub out that room and sort though other trash bags, which may have some pills mixed in. A picture of the organized cabinet was taken – which shall be labeled and posted on the door of the cabinet so that things are put in a designated place consistently.
Vitals: Thanh, Nu’s mom (Nu is head clinic admin), oversaw the vitals. Went smoothly.
Dentistry: Dental team visited the clinic to bring supplies, organize, fix the sink, put a latch on the closet in the bathroom, assemble some fans, make a final needs list, clean, buy cockroach and rat traps, and get the autoclave and xray machine/developer working. Today was a big success due to the preparations – there was some delay in figuring out how the water hook up worked, and we seem to have lost (?) a lead xray apron, but Dr. Larin donated one so we have 2 now. Dr. Larin also donated a….scaler? which has a little hook and shoots water, and she donated the tips as well. Distilled water was purchased.
Seminars: No public health seminars took place.
Translators: We had plenty of translators! Dr. Marquez speaks Spanish, as did the friends that she brought. Every car had a fluent Spanish speaker, we were well off.
Histories: Went smoothly. Dental introduced their new history forms; it seems that we will need an experience PDS member to sit at the histories table for dental histories, this needs to be discussed. I forgot to tell histories to hand out pt date cards, so I’m not sure if those were distributed at all. Also, our patient list isn’t really being used.
Labs: Have a new glucometer; the embrace glucometer is out of strips. The Hb machine (red suitcase) had a jar of expired cuvettes that I had wanted to keep for teaching, but it seems that the cuvettes have been thrown away. Lab was slow, but otherwise without problems.
Other: One car dropped off Dr. Patel at the San Ysidro border crossing so he could walk to his car in Plaza De Las Americas and then proceeded without incident to the Otay Mesa crossing – the key is to follow signs to aeropuerto and Mexicali. If you take a U turn to the border entrance (which really doesn’t look like a border entrance, it’s to the left of the Sentri entrance; there’s another entry to the ready lane). Others ended up following hwy 3 all the way to Tecate, which is a small border crossing with no waiting – all got back at around the same time though.
Copies were made of all the keys to the clinic – there are 2 copies, one for each co-president. Lysol was also purchased. Pens were purchased from Costco, they need to be labeled. and we will probably need more cockroach traps.

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