Clinic Report – July 20, 2013

Coordinator: Milad Bahmanof
Clinic Date: July 20th, 2013

Total Health Professionals:
Dr. Dan Harrison M.D., Dr. Brian Rooney DDS, Thanh Phan RN

Total Volunteers: 26

Total Patients Seen:
Medical: 20
Dental: 18

Special Cases:
Patient with high BP who is suffering from Alzheimer’s and eye problems. Another patient who had bad hand infection also said he has headaches a lot and sees “stars”.
Reports, Suggestions, or Comments:
Pharmacy: Three clinic admins were present, they spent the whole day organizing and labeling everything.
Vitals: Thanh Phan helped and trained the volunteers and made sure everything went smoothly.
Managers: Sonia Ventura, Selena Lopez
X-Ray Tech: Jorge Alberto Espinosa
Dental Chair-sides:Maria Angle, Whitney Huong

Seminars: need to talk to them, but I believe they gave a presentation and they did fine.
Translators: Dr. Harrison spoke pretty good Spanish but he still needed an assistant. We just needed another translator to be flow coordinator.
Histories: we are getting slowed down because of dental, we might have to add another person or make sure one of the volunteers is doing medical histories only at all times.

Other: Everyone took otay mesa on the way back except one car that got lost following other cars. Those cars that took otay mesa I believe it took them 45-1:10 minutes to cross and the car that used the San Ysidro border about 4 hours. For future, check online traffic before leaving clinic also once you get to the TJ if traffic looks too crazy, you should go to otay mesa.

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