Clinic Report – August 10, 2013

Coordinator: Anelah McGinness
Clinic Date:
10 August 2013

Total Health Professionals: Dr. Shantu Patel MD (family medicine), Dr. Suleiman MD (pediatrician), Dr. Brian Rooney DMD

Total Volunteers: 25 (6 cars)

Total Patients Seen:
Medical: 16
Dental: 14
Haircuts: No hair cuts

Special Cases: Still working on getting Luisa Fernando Romero to San Quintin for possible surgery with Dr. Kuntze in November. Pending: transportation for the family, copies of any xrays or labs they have, communication between Dr. Kuntze and Dr. Patel, referral form from San Quintin. Daniela is calling the family.

Reports, Suggestions, or Comments:
Pharmacy: Inventory was completed, Clinic admins are working on an inventory for the meds. All pills in the junk room have been depilled. Officers stayed afterwards and cleared out a lot of trash, and removed remaining pills from their casing, Daniela is calling Dr. Pando for his advice on how to dispose of the pills appropriately, and we hope to meet with him and clean out the junk room so that it can be used as a consult on Sept 1st.
Vitals: Went smoothly, but since we have some patients here to see the doctor, and some here to see the dentist, it was often confusing for vitals volunteers where to send patients after triage – dental or medical?
Dentistry: did fillings, extractions, cleanings, need to figure out a better way of doing xrays; as of right now, the dental assistant has to stand in the room while taking the xray, we should have a cord with a remote button, or a lead movable barricade. There is much demand for another dental chair; all medical patients were seen by 2PM, but dental got there a little later because the driver took a wrong turn, and stayed much later, until 5PM. Not all patients who signed in for dental services were seen; only patients with pain, and up to 10 patients were told that they would be seen, if patients came after that, then they were told that there was no guarantee that we would be able to see them.
Seminars: Public health did interviews and surveys in order to gauge patient interest for various health topics.
Translators: we had enough translators, but we needed one more person to do histories. As always, we need to recruit more Spanish speakers (and more drivers, over the course of a few days, had 3 drivers drop and 4 drivers added)
Histories: One of the Spanish speakers dropped at the last minute, so histories became a bottleneck; Spanish speakers from public health helped take histories and facilitated patient flow, but it was a slow start as a result.
Other: we have to figure out a better system for patient flow; we had about 4 lists going (adult medicine, kids medicine, adult dental, kids dental) dental is not totally 1st come 1st serve, and so it got complicated quickly. It would be better to triage patients more quickly, and get set up more quickly. Dr. Suleiman was very happy to come with us, and will try to bring other doctors from her group – a primary care residency program that is just getting started up. We also had a children’s activity; volunteers showed kids origami and we brought glue and tide laundry detergent to make a fun “goop” activity with the kids – it was a big hit. We started asking volunteers to bring donations when they attend clinic trips, which will save us a few bucks if they bring things like gloves, and we will accumulate toys for our Christmas fiesta.

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