Dental Report: September 28, 2013

Dentists: Dr. Guadalupe Marquez
Managers: Selena Lopez (CM), Sonia Ventura (FM)
Volunteers: Vady Khalil, Lupita (Dr. Marquez’s assistant)
X-ray Tech: Alberto Espindola
Patients: 5
Procedures: SRP(x2), Prophy (x2)

Our services were limited since we didn’t have a handpiece. We could only do prophys, deep cleanings, fluoride varnish, and OHI. As Dr. Marquez prepared to work on a prophy procedure, she had difficulties getting the pressure to come out of the slow speed tubing. The compressor was working and only the tubing seemed to be a problem. Neither Alberto or I could figure out what the problem, so at that point, Dr. Marquez asked us to get Maria Elena, since she had a technician’s number a couple months ago. What happened was that Maria Elena gave the contact info to Anelah, who did not come to the clinic trip. At that point we thought we reached a dead end. However, Maria Elena decided to go down the street, and ask the military dental group for a technician’s number. I went with her to the dental group and along the way, she said “hi” to everyone she met. She’s so sweet and friendly. We got to the dental group and it turns out, that they were open evenings! It was super convenient for us, because at the time, the dentist was to arrive in 5 minutes! The dentist finally came and was a gentleman, providing us with the service we needed. He gave us his technician’s number and back to our clinic we went. Maria Elena did not have a cell phone on her so Selena generously offered for us to use her phone. The technician was finally coming! We had no money to pay him, but he came! Initially, he was to inspect to figure out what the problem was and then give us an estimate for fixing it. That is why Dr. Marquez signed to Alberto to wedge himself in and see what the problem was too (and how to fix it), so we would’t pay in the end. She explained to the technician we were a student organization that drove down each month to provide services for the underserved. When the technician explained what the problem was, he said that since we provided free services to the community, he would do also. That was very nice of him and showed to us that we received help from a outstanding person.

Medical & Dental Technician

A humble man with outstanding talent. He explained to us that the problem was the improper placement of the hoses in their holders. It was such a simple fix which I’m confident could have been avoided if we had a pre-clinic. If not that, we had to be thorough. I realize that when we’re in clinic, many things fly past our heads. There is so much energy in the room that its hard to clearly think things through. If we were prepared the hosing situation would have not happened–if I was thorough, it wouldn’t of happened. At that moment nothing could have been done, but learned that we need to be more careful. Now our volunteers know about the importance of placing the hoses in the right place and they will never forget! Experiences like these will carry with us through our dental career so why not learn these things now? The more knowledge, the better.


Vady's first time assisting!

After our series of problems, we could only move on. We ended on a good note and by the end of the day, we did learn valuable lessons that we can all apply to  our personal life.

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