Clinic Report – September 28, 2013

Clinic Date: September 28th, 2013

Coordinator: Thanh Nguyen


Total Health Professionals:

Catherine Konyn (Nurse Practitioner), Peter (Healer), Dr. Guadalupe Marquez, DDS, Lupita (Dr. Marquez’s Assistant)


Total Volunteers: 16

Total Patients Seen:

Medical: 20

Dental: 7


Special Cases: One patient with very low total cholesterol level. The nurse practitioner later found out that he used to be an alcoholic. The reason for his low cholesterol level can be liver cirrhosis.


Reports, Suggestions, or Comments:

Pharmacy: Lynhea was the only clinic admin at this clinic. There were 2 volunteers in the pharmacy helping her dispensing medication. For this clinic, instead of having the Nurse Practitioner give the patients their medications, she let pharmacy know the purpose of each medication and had the volunteers or clinic admin write that on the medication bags. They then gave the medications to the patients with the help of a translator.

Vitals: There was only 1 volunteer working at vitals per shift. Shaila, co-president, was there to help them out.

Dentistry: Dental experienced from technical difficulties but was later resolved by the technician. They saw 7 patients. They are expecting to be able to see more patients at the next clinic because of the fixed operating system.

Seminars: Public Health did not come on this trip

Translators: Ms. Catherine speaks a little bit of Spanish and she had one translator with her per shift. Dr. Marquez and Lupita both speak Spanish so they did not need translators. There were enough translators for history and flow coordinator.

Histories: We had one Spanish speaker working at history per shift. The flow coordinator helped out with history at the beginning to help speed things up.

Labs: There were two volunteers working at lab and they stayed there the whole time. It was their first time but they learned things very quickly. They had to perform a lot of cholesterol and HbA1c tests. We went through a lot of cholesterol test strips and some already expired so we will need to order more soon. The Hb cuvettes will expire by the October clinic. Sharp container is completely full. Lab was busy for most of the day with fairly steady flow.

Other: We had a healer! He saw patients while they wait for Ms. Catherine. He also healed volunteers and Dr. Marquez when they had down time.

My car and Lynhea’s car took the Otay Mesa crossing. We went in the ready lane with only 1 passport card and we only had to wait 15 minutes at the border. Lynhea’s car was in the normal lane and they took 2.5 hours. Maybe we can all try the ready lane next time.

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