Dental Report: October 19, 2013


Dentists: Dr. Anu Rajasekaran
Managers: Selena Lopez (CM), Sonia Ventura (FM)
Shadows: Lisa Dahn + Gabriel Ferguson (SDSU FS)
X-ray Tech: Alberto Espindola
Patients: 3+
Procedures: Prophy (x1), alleviate pain (x1), LOE (x1)

Displaying IMG_0121.JPGWe handed out toothbrushes and toothpaste to small children and older adults. We also gave away fun workbooks related to oral hygiene! The first patient was done on a child, and it took her a while to get comfortable. Then, we saw her mother. Unfortunately, her mother had high plaque buildup. We had her teeth X-rayed in order to make a proper diagnosis. Then, we determined she would need a molar crown. Dr. Raja made a temporary molar crown for her, and so both her and her daughter took us a while to finish. When we were done with her, we saw 4 more. Upon close inspection, Dr. Raja concluded that many of them needed root canals. Unfortunately, due to lack of time, Dr. Raja performed simple clean ups and told them to seek an outside specialist because of the severity of their condition. Our last patient was an elderly man who Dr. Raja decided also needed a root canal. We managed to give him better dental treatment, though, because he was last. We performed temporary relief on his teeth to halt the decay of this ached tooth and slow the decay and infection of his tooth.

Selena Lopez

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