Clinic Report – November 16th, 2013

Total Health Professionals:

Dr. Joyce Adams (Pediatrician), Dr. Regina Wang (Family Medicine), Dr. Akbar Rahman (Family Medicine)

Total Volunteers:


Total Patients Seen:

Medical: 27

Dental: 8


Special Cases:

Dr. Adams saw a child who has gastritis. Her stomach burns when she eats hot food.

Reports, Suggestions, or Comments:


The volunteers said that a lot of time was spent on popping pills out of the case. Is there any way to just cut out the number of pills needed to speed up the process? Also, we need more cholesterol test strips, Hb cuvettes and Sharp Container. The pharmacy cheat sheet wasn’t there so the volunteers had some problem writing down instructions for the patients


Volunteers suggested including translations for when they didn’t get a reading and need to re-take the measurements. Also some translations to let the patients know that the Pulse Oximeter wont poke them when they put their finger in.


Dental didn’t have a dentist coming this clinic. For the adults, they took x-ray so when the patients come in next month; they can get treated more quickly. The children had their teeth brushed and cleaned by 2 dental volunteers.


The translators really enjoyed their shifts because they got to talk to the patients and the doctors. They also got to see all the patient interactions

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