Clinic Report: Rancho El Faro, November 13, 2013

Total Health Professionals:  2

Nurse midwife: Susan Bass

Nurse Practitioner: Catherine Konyn

Healer: Peter Konyn

Total Volunteers: 15

Total Patients Seen: 39

Medical: 39

Special Cases:

Goiter in Thyroid surgery patient-levels of TSH need to be checked

Reports, Suggestions, or Comments:

Pharmacy: Bring Clorox wipes, hand sanitizer, blankets to lay down on counter, paper towels, buy more iron and children’s Claritin, buy more gummy vitamins. Bring pumocort or QVac (for asthma) from our clinic next time for patient. Bring Hemoglobin test for a patient next time. Bring CBC test and TSH test next time.

Vitals: remind healthcare providers to please bring their own stethoscope and odoscope. Get pediatric cuffs from Dr. Patrick again for next trip. Bring sheet with normal parameters for the different age groups to have as reference for volunteers


  • Carrot/Oreo experiment for Dental
  • Coloring in your food plate drawing for public health
  • Women’s hygiene talk by Nurse Susan

Translators: Anael, Joana, Joseline, Krystal, Yajhaira

Histories: Anael, Joana, Joseline, Krystal, Yajhaira



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