Member of the Quarter, Fall 2013: Emily Ananthset

UCSD Flying Sams is announcing our new “Member of the Quarter” program, and to inaugurate the program, we’re excited to announce Emily Ananthset as our first member in this program. When asked about her favorite Flying sams experience, she had this to say:

My favorite thing about flying sams is the atmosphere and positive attitude that every member has about helping those who are less fortunate. Even after waking up early in the morning and a 2 hours car ride, everyone still seemed so motivated and bright. Even though I was already happy seeing smiling faces leave the clinic, after hearing about some of the hardships that some of the patients face and how much the clinic has helped them, it made me realize how much power we all have to help those in need. I also really enjoy the wait at the border. Although it was long, I had the chance to talk to many members about why they joined flying sams and how the trip affected them.

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