Clinic Report: January 14, 2014

Total Health Professionals:

  • Catherine Konyn (Nurse Practitioner)
  • Dr. Lieuko Nguyen, MD (Pediatric Nephrology)

Total Volunteers: 14

Total Patients Seen:

Medical: 17

Special Cases:

There was a baby with clubbled foot that revisited the clinic. We are still looking for possible ways the baby can be seen by a hospital. Also one of patient has dry hair and skin, constipation, low blood pressure and is cold intolerant. Nurse Catherine suspected the patient might have hypothyroidism. However, it is a challenge to have a thyroid test done for the patient.

Reports, Suggestions, or Comments:


Dr. Nguyen and Nurse Catherine found some more old medications that will need to be depilled. Pharmacy is planning on having another clinic clean up to reorganize the meds because they couldn’t find some medication (those might be out?)


We couldn’t find the vitals box so the volunteers took blood pressure the old school way with the pressure cuff and stethoscope. This had to be done in one of the consult room because it was too loud to do it where the vitals table is. It worked out because there were only 2 doctors and one of the consult rooms was available for blood pressure.


We did not have a dental team coming on this trip because their equipment didn’t arrive on time and we did not have a dentist coming.


Public Health talked about possible heart problems and gave out pamphlets from the heart association to the patients.


We had one translator for each doctor per shift. We had one more Spanish speaker to do history.


We had one Spanish speaker working at history per shift. Because we did not have that many patients at this clinic, it was not as hectic with only one person working history.


There were two volunteers working at lab and they stayed there the whole time. It was their first time but they learned things very quickly. They had to perform a lot of cholesterol and HbA1c tests. We went through a lot of cholesterol test strips and some already expired so we will need to order more soon.


Because of the new routes, we were scheduled to meet at 6:15 but a lot of volunteer didn’t show up until 6:30. We ended up leaving around 6:45 and the first car got to clinic around 9 am. Because we didn’t have that many patients we left clinic by 2pm. Two cars couldn’t get into the all traffic lane so they had to take the ready lane with no one in the car with passport card. But they both made it through. All cars got back by 7:00pm. The detour was really straight forward, no one got lost.



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