Dental Report: March 22, 2014

Flying Sams 3/22/14

Dentists: Dr. Ivan Celis, Dr. Oh
Managers: Selena Lopez, (CM), Sonia Ventura (FM)
Volunteers: Valeria Lopez, Allende Esquivel, Jamie Cho
X-ray Tech: Alberto Espindola
Patients: 36
Procedures: COE (x1), Comp (x3), Ext (x13), Fluoride Varnish (x15), OHI (x15)

Clinic Notes

This time around, we were expecting to work alongside a Korean Volunteer group. They advertised on their own to a local community of Korean-Mexicans in Ensenada which brought the total waitlist of dental patients to 50. We decided to change our three-station system by replacing the exam chair to the extraction chair. In this way, Dr. Celis continued to see the scheduled patients and Dr. Oh focused on extractions.

It was a pleasure working with Dr. Oh because we were able to see how his experienced allowed him to work at a fast rate! The extraction patients were seen in no-time and we finished early. He’s actually a professor to D3?s and D4?s at Loma Linda’s dental school which was a pleasant surprise! He’s an honorable man to come to the clinic despite the conditions he believed them to be. Hopefully, now that the clinic is more equipped, he’ll come back and do more than extractions!

At the end of the day, a man wearing a black shirt approached me, asking to see the dentist. Unfortunately, our dentists had left and he couldn’t be seen. He explained the pain he experienced in his wisdom tooth and the tooth next to it had been going on for the last week. I recommended for him to see another dentist around town and he replied saying he didn’t have the money. I could see his  vulnerable state, to say to me he was in pain and didn’t have money. The least we could do was give him pain medication for the following two weeks. When I gave him the meds, he took one right away, which highlighted the extremity of his toothache. Its moments like these that show the importance of our clinic because to some, its the last resort to dental treatment. We’ll see him in two weeks and await the moment he receives the correct treatment he needs.

Needed Items

  • Adult matrix bands
  • Blue labeling tape

Dr. Celis & Dr.Oh

Sonia Ventura

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