Dental Report: April 5, 2014

BU’s Global Days of Service Partnership

Dentists: Dr. Anu Rajasekaran, Dr. Komail Abbas
Managers: Alberto Espindola (CM), Sonia Ventura (FM)
Volunteers: Justin Montenegro, Adriee Wong, Mona Lisa Jabari, Ahn La
X-ray Tech: Alberto Espindola/Adriee Wong/Justin Montenegro
Patients: 19
Procedures: COE (x14), BW (x10), PA (x3), Comp (x3), Ext (x5), Pulpotomy (x1), SRP (x2), Fluoride Varnish (x10), OHI (x)

Clinic Notes

BU Global Days of Service
BU Global Days of Service

 Today was a special clinic day because we partnered with two alumni from Boston University’s dental school as part of their Global Days of Service. It was part of a month long event where members of the BU community come together to give back to their communities.

When we first arrived to clinic, there were 9 on the wait list, three of which were kids. However, by the end of the day, 20 had signed up for dental.

We did our best to see all the patients but were hindered by our manual X-ray machine and developer, as well by the fact that everyone had to leave the room when X-rays were taken. I understand Selena’s plea for a lead wall and the benefits it will bring by allowing us to see more patients at once! We were also limited by our slow automatic autoclave because all our hand pieces were sterilizing at once. Fortunately, the technician fixed our dental unit during the week so we were able to do procedures.

Dr. Raja mainly worked on screenings and cleanings while Dr. Abbas worked on the kids. We were lucky to have a pedodontist on board because he was able to see the more “complicated” procedures with the kids. He did three extractions, and for one of the younger patients, it was a horrifying experience. I heard the loudest scream in my life. The girl screamed with all her heart during the extraction procedure. She wasn’t in pain, but just the psychological thought of the injection and extraction terrified her. When she thought the procedure was over, she automatically stopped crying. Unfortunately, the X-rays clearly showed the necessity for the extraction and it just had to be done. Dr. Abbas pulled through despite the screams and movements of escape. It was a sight. She needs a pulpotomy so we hope that she can be seen by another pedodontist in two weeks, otherwise, another extraction will be needed. We were truly lucky to have a specialist to deal with the situation and I’m glad we had Dr. Abbas.

It was a pleasure to have Dr.Raja with us again and have her work on procedures other than cleanings and prophies. However, I was able to see the difference a good cleaning did for our patients! In our clinic, any sort of treatment makes a difference!


Needed Items

Glass ionizer cement (powder/liquid)
Crown crimper for stainless steel crowns
Howe pliers
Space maintainers
Formocresol for pulpotomy (Buckley’s)

Stainless Steel Crowns 3M Unitek
Sectional and Pedo matrices
Pediatric and adult clamps
Coupler for automatic scaler
Treasure chest for EXT
Paper towels
Paper tray covers (size B)
Composite, not amalgam instruments
Autoclave bags

Sonia Ventura

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