Clinic Report: July 2014

Clinic Trip Report


Coordinator: Jennifer Corona

Clinic Date: 7/19/14


Total Health Professionals:

(Name and profession/title)

Dr. Omar Velasco, resident

Catherine Konyn, ANP

Dr. Burns, Dental

Total Volunteers:

20 including Joana

5 Dental

Total Patients Seen:

Medical: 16

Dental: 7

Haircuts: 0


Special Cases:

A young girl came in to check on some fallopian cysts that may be developing. Dr. Velasco advised that she come back in a few months for a check up.

A colon cancer patient, arrived but could not get out of her car, apparently due to severe dehydration and puking. Joana gave Assael (Pharmacy administrator) $20 to buy her some pedialyte and Gatorade. Additionally, Nurse Catherine changed her dressings. Clinic was at a standstill for a while as both providers went out to see her. This led to some impatience in the waiting room, so Maria Elena started calling patients in. I had to explain that we didn’t have room in the smaller waiting room for them and that they couldn’t be seen because the doctors were out. She was very understanding.

The mother with the 6 month year old baby came in to ask for baby formula. Unfortunately, the pharmacy only had baby formula for 1-3 months infants. For the next clinic trip, Joana will use flying sams money to buy the correct baby formula. Joana confirmed with Maria Ellena the needs of the mother and Maria said that the mother has multiple children and not enough food to breast-feed the 6-month year old baby.

Reports, Suggestions, or Comments:

Pharmacy: Rotary stopped by to inspect the pharmacy and doors and windows. Presumably in anticipation of the pharmacy revamp.

Vitals: Nurse Alison did not show up to clinic, setting us back from starting because she was supposed to be assisting our volunteers in vitals. Sets precedent for nurses or medical professionals in volunteer positions to be contacted and confirmed by clinic coordinator as opposed to physician recruiter. Be clear on limitations of medical professionals to see if they are best utilized as volunteers or providers.

Dentistry: Patients had to be turned away because only pediatric cases were being seen.

Seminars: N/A

Translators: We had enough Spanish speakers, especially because Dr. Velasco speaks Spanish. Had Diana and Christopher Paddock not been turned around at the border and showed up around noon, we would have had even more at our stations with the volunteers.

Histories: Slow, few patients.

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