Clinic Report: November 2014

In the morning of the clinic, Nurse Catherine lost her purse which included her passport, she had to go home and get other identifications. One of our drivers did not show up. Therefore, one car stayed behind and waited for Nurse Catherine and Peter while the rest caravaned to Mexico using walkie-talkies. We also used our back up driver and had to stop to fill up gas. We also had to stop by and transfer medicines, tools, etc. from our main clinic to Centro De Salud. As the results, we were behind on schedule. In addition, one of our doctors cancelled the night before due to sickness so we only had Nurse Catherine to see the patients. However, Nurse Catherine was amazingly able to see all the patients! Clinic was a success. We finished later than usual around 4pm. We transferred everything back to our main clinic and caravaned back home. It was dark on our way home and one of the cars got lost near the border but we were all able to cross the border back to the US safely around 8-9pm.

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