Clinic Report: November 2015

All the volunteers arrived on time to Stein Parking Lot. Clinic Coordinator was a bit late from transporting patient history files. Shirts were given out to members before we left. Dental paid clinic fees that morning, so gas and toll were distributed then. We were lacking one officer in a car, so we had a veteran member ride in that car. The need was expressed for dental binders and a walkie-talkie or phone. We caravanned down to the border at around 7:15, where we managed to stay in a single file until reaching the streets near the clinic. Walkie talkies proved useful in pointing out turns to make, and no one got lost. Upon arrival at clinic, the amount of people waiting seemed low, so some public health officers went out to advertise with Maria Elena. Because there was only one provider and about 5 public health officers in attendance, we had an excess of volunteers with little to do. Peter instructed some of the volunteers and public health officers about his healing in his consult room. We had the shift change with a few rearrangements. Because of the low new patient volume in the afternoon, we allowed half the volunteers to go get tacos, and then switched them out with the remaining half so that we could get back on the road before dark. We caravanned back, and the fifth and fourth cars got stuck at a few intersections, causing the rest of the caravan to drive really slowly to allow them to catch up. No one missed the border line this time and the wait was somewhere from one and a half to two hours. The cars made it back to UCSD at the same general time. Joana collected binders and patient histories, and I collected the walkie-talkies.

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