Clinic Report: October 2014

Total Health Professionals: 1

(Name and profession/title)

Catherine Konyn, FNP

Total Volunteers: 18


Total Patients Seen: 18

Medical: 18

Dental: None

Haircuts: None


Special Cases:

October clinic was a success! With our new walkie-talkies, we were able to caravan down to Mexico and back to the US together. Even though only we had one provider (Nurse Catherine), we still saw 18 patients total. We also had a pharmacist (Kimmie) joined us for the first time on this trip. Even with just one provider, most of the volunteers had a chance to observe Nurse Catherine treating patients. Most patients left with medication they needed. However, there were some special cases that we were not able to treat and had to refer them to see a local doctor. There was an eight-month-old baby girl that came. The mother was concerned about the mass on the baby’s right upper back right under her birthmark, close to the armpit. Nurse Catherine checked to make sure it was not close to the lymph node. Nurse Catherine’s guess was that it might just be an enlarged vessel from the birthmark. However, without any proper equipment, we could not confirm that. She recommended the baby to see a pediatrician. There was also a six-year-old boy that came with his mother. His chief complaint was that it hurts when he urinates. He did not have a fever so Nurse Catherine did not think it was a urinary tract infection (UTI). After checking his genitalia, she believes that there might be something anatomically wrong with him. Same with the first case, we had to refer that boy out to see a local doctor. Public Health did an informative presentation on the respiratory tract. They also followed up with their diabetic patients and gave them more glucose test strips. We finished seeing patients around 4pm. As usual, we rewarded ourselves with delicious tacos and tortas. We took the San Ysidro border crossing this time since they opened up more lanes. We got back to UCSD safely around 9pm. Thanks to Nurse Catherine, Kimmie, and all the volunteers’ hard work that made this trip possible.

Reports, Suggestions, or Comments:

Pharmacy: Pharmacy is still very crowded. We had a table right outside of the pharmacy to count pills.

Vitals: Vitals went well. I taught the volunteers to take BP manually. I had three volunteers at this station and had them rotate shadowing.

Translators and Histories: We had a lot of Spanish speakers on this trip

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