Clinic Report: September 2014

Total Health Professionals:

(Name and profession/title) Dr. Campbell MD, Dr. King MD, Catherine Konyn ANP


Total Volunteers:

7 plus three officers, 10 total

Total Patients Seen:

Medical: 0


Haircuts: 0


Special Cases:

Clinic was cancelled at the last minute due to low volume of volunteers, insufficient number of Spanish speakers, and absence of the clinic coordinator who had the medical insurance cards and clinic fees. Also the date of a protest taking place at several border crossing, meant to start at 8 AM. Dr. Patel was meant to bring a donor, so Joana Vazquez accompanied them to other schools’ clinic to see how clinic is generally run.

Reports, Suggestions, or Comments:

Pharmacy: NA

Vitals: NA


Seminars: NA

Translators: NA

Histories: NA. Maybe include relevant terminology and practice with history sheets at future Spanish language tables so that we have volunteers familiar with how to run histories in the event of few Spanish speakers present at clinic.

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