Medical Patients seen: 17
Volunteers: 28

This trip was supposed to be an MCM trip and had the according number of volunteers selected for that purpose. However, MCM was not able to secure permission for us to use the building before September 10th, and our last resort was to use our regular clinic site. 8/22 was also the scheduled visit of 4 dental students from Western Dental. Consequently, flow of clinic was disrupted by the new layout having to accommodate so many people. Nurse Catherine and Peter could not make it at the last minute, so PA students Gina and Emily were recruited to fill their spots as providers, under the supervision of Dr. Pando. The room where we usually hold histories and vitals was converted into a consult room, though I don’t recommend doing this ever again unless we have partitions, because of the lack of privacy. We changed shifts around 1 or 2. Maria Elena was in charge of calling patients. One car of volunteers went to eat while we waited for patients to be seen by physicians. We concluded clinic around 4, ate tacos, and traveled to the border. Those with passport booklets walked across while those with passport cards drove the cars across the border. We passed without incident and arrived back at school safely.

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