Clinic Report: August 8, 2015 @ Rosarito (Pharmacy)

Coordinator: Jennifer Corona
Pharm Admin Lead: Dorian Chen

We left Stein Clinic at 7:00 AM. We had no problems with the drive there and got there safely. There, Susan split us up into different groups. Niko and Lisa went to help in the pharmacy, Razaw and Kyra went to shadow doctors and Dorian helped a nurse sort medicine. After a shift change, Dorian went to the pharmacy to work alongside Niko and Lisa, Razaw filed papers and Kyra remained shadowing doctors. The clinic trip ended at 3:00 PM and we left to Main Street in search of tacos. We found a taco stand on Main Street and ate there till 4:00 PM and headed on towards the border. We crossed the border back to the US at 7:00 PM.

Their pharmacy is bigger and serves a lot more patient than ours, around 60-100 patients if I remember correctly. To keep the pharmacy running smoothly, they have strict organizational rules. There are 4 roles in the pharmacy, medicine grabber, medicine filler, label maker, and label checker.

During this trip, they had 2 people who were allowed to bring medicine off and back on the shelves. This ensures that the medicine gets put back on the same spot and that the shelves do not get messy. They also put each respective medicine on a specific spot on the shelf and in a bucket. The bucket allows them to stack the medicine laterally since they do not have a lot of space horizontally. Since each medicine is supposed to be in a specific spot on the shelf, they have labeled the shelf in a letter and number coordinate ie. F5 and have a list of all the medicine so if people can’t find a medicine, they can look it up on the list.

After the medicine grabber gets the medicine that’s needs to be dispensed, they put it in a bucket with the prescription and give it to a medicine filler. The medicine filler fills the prescription and hands the whole bucket to the label maker.

The label maker checks that the correct medicine was used and estimates that the correct number of pills was dispensed. He then makes a label with a computer and label machine.

Lastly, a nurse double checks the label and that the correct medicine is being dispensed before the prescription leaves the pharmacy.

Outside the pharmacy, someone is in charge of recording down the number of dispensed medicine and gives it out to the patient.

Something we can implement in our pharmacy is by adding the stations. Our pharmacy is a lot smaller so I’m not sure how effective that is vs having 1 or 2 people doing all the jobs. Adding the buckets could also make the pharmacy more organized. Something we should definitely add is the label printer machine. Rosarito pharmacy says its super useful and makes making labels a lot easier.

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