Clinic Report: August 29, 2015 @Chapultepec, Ensenada


Coordinator: Nicholas Sun
Total Patients Seen: 23

We left Stein Clinical around 7:15 because we were waiting on PA students and one volunteer. We waited for them for about 30 minutes before deciding to depart. The PA students never showed up due to a miscommunication. Since we had three people not show up, we ended up fitting everyone in three cars instead of four. When we arrived at the clinic, there were already 20 patients signed up. All the volunteers were given their assignments and we got started promptly. Unfortunately, we only had one provider and no pharmacist, so Dr. Arment had a lot of patients to see. Dental did not go with us on this trip so the clinic was not crowded at all and everything was running smoothly. I had everyone switch to their second shift after seeing 14 patients, which was around 12:45 pm. By the time of the second shift switch, we had no more patients to go through histories and vitals. Those volunteers waited patiently for the community walk around and de-pilled. Before the walk around happened, we had to go on a pharmacy run. After the run, Maria Elena and the chosen volunteers went on the walk around. Three patients left early and were not seen, but we finished seeing all the patients around 3:30. The volunteers that went on the walk around informed me that it was eye-opening to see how the community was laid out. After taking pictures and cleaning up the clinic, we went to get tacos until 4:30. Upon arriving at the Otay Mesa border, we had passport card holders drive through the ready lane while all the book holders walked across. The lines for both were very short, and there were no issues for the walkers. For the people that went through the ready lane, the border patrol officer was being very strict and checked each car’s drunk for medication. We did not have any medication on us so there was no trouble. We all arrived back at Stein safely at 8:20 and all walkie talkies and binders were collected.

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