Clinic Report: September 26, 2015 @Chapultepec

Coordinator: Kiana Pham
Total Patients Seen: 19

We all met up at 6:30 am. Two drivers showed up about 15-20mins late, but they did inform us. Everyone signed the liability forms. Instructions for the walkie-talkies and binders were given to the drivers. Dr. Andrade and three residents also came on time. We gave all of them FS t-shirts. We waited until 7:15 am for the pharmacist, but he/she never showed. There was some miscommunication about confirming the trip. All five cars caravanned down to Ensenada, Mexico with no problem. We arrived around 9:45 am and started setting up for the clinic. With three residents seeing patients at the same time and Dr. Andrade signing off, we finished seeing 19 patients around 1 pm. We finished cleaning up, took a group pictures, headed to get tacos, and left around 3 pm. We took the Otay border crossing. There were some miscommunications about which rest stop to meet up before we get to the border. We used to name the toll booths A, B, and C instead for saying first and last. Three cars with passport cards took the ready lane and dropped off the providers and some volunteers off to walk across. The other two cars took the regular all access lane. We all crossed around 6 pm and the last car got to UCSD at 6:30 pm. All the binders and walkie-talkies were collected and logged. Gave the walkie-talkie and binder bins to Lynhea. Connie has all the patient files.
Side note: A few officers were chosen but never confirmed/showed up to the pre-clinic meeting. One didn’t notify the clinic coordinator that they couldn’t’ make it to the clinic until they were contacted again. Another never replied.

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