2016-2017 Officers

Cassidy Koo : Co-President

Cassidy Koo


Hey everyone! If we haven't met before, I'm Cassidy. I'm a fourth year at UCSD studying Physio/Neuro with a Global Health minor. I love being a part of Flying Sams because it has taught me so much about the rewards and challenges of both healthcare and non-profit work. I have learned a lot about myself in the process, and I'm so thankful for the friends I've made and amazing people I've met in this organization. Outside of school, my hobbies are hiking, cooking, and playing the guitar. If you ever see me at a Flying Sams event, let's get to know each other!

Jennifer Corona : Co-President

Jennifer Corona


A Molecular Biology and Biological Anthropology major, Jennifer loves meeting new members through Flying Sams, researching edible and medicinal plants for the Community Garden project, and picking up new hobbies. You can find her either typing away furiously on a laptop on campus, knitting, baking bread, or trying to save her aloe plant.

Nicholas Sun : Clinic Coordinator

Nicholas Sun

Clinic Coordinator


I am a 4th year Biochemistry and Cell Biology major. I plan on attending medical school in the future. I am from Murrieta, CA and I love long walks on the beach with the sea breeze going through my hair.

Andres Perkins : Clinic Coordinator

Andres Perkins

Clinic Coordinator


Hi, I'm Andres! I'm a pre-med student with a Physiology & Neuroscience major and a Philosophy minor. I'm from Temecula, CA and I love my dog Laika and surfing!

Natalie Albasha : Clinic Coordinator

Natalie Albasha

Clinic Coordinator


I am Biochemistry/Cell Biology major and minor in Psychology. I was born in the US but am originally Syrian and spent 5 years living there. In addition to volunteering with Flying Sams, I volunteer at a Birth Center and am an RA at The Village. In my free time I love watching TV (fav show: Friends!), drinking tea/coffee, and working out.

Anthony Talaugon : Clinic Coordinator

Anthony Talaugon

Clinic Coordinator


Physiology and Neuroscience. I like to cook, hike, and play video games. I plan on attending medical school.

Shaddy Malik : Clinic Coordinator

Shaddy Malik

Clinic Coordinator


I am currently a 4th year, Biochemistry and Cell Biology major and a medical school hopeful. My hometown is Chino Hills (near the IE) and as of now I am really interested in anesthesiology, but that might change in the future.

Alondra Lopez-Barajas : Treasurer

Alondra Lopez-Barajas



Human Biology with a pinch of Ethnic Studies. I run through the 6(19) with my woes but I'm down for long walks on the beach too.

Rachel Abrahem : Secretary

Rachel Abrahem



Biochemistry and Cell Biology with a minor in Psychology, planning on attending medical school, from Glendora, CA, and I LOVE watching The Office.

Anjali Herekar : Health Professional Correspondent

Anjali Herekar

Health Professional Correspondent


I am a physiology and neuroscience major from Palo Alto, CA. I am passionate about global health, and hope to become a doctor in the future.

Kaushika Vayyala : Fundraising Co-Chair

Kaushika Vayyala

Fundraising Co-Chair


I'm currently doing my masters in neurobiology, with my thesis project revolving around autism and epilepsy. When I’m not studying for classes or working in lab, I love reading mystery novels, dancing, trying new restaurants/cuisines, exploring San Diego, and staying updated with recent scientific publications! If you ever need advice on picking classes, studying for the MCAT, finding research internships, or want to share ideas that could benefit our clinic trips or organization – please do not hesitate to contact me! I look forward to an exciting and productive year with you all.

Taylor Munoz : Co-Fundraising Chair

Taylor Munoz

Co-Fundraising Chair


I am a public health major and biology minor planning to go to graduate school for my MPH. I love yoga, dogs, Mexican food, and the Flying Sams family!

Shenani Setungamudali : Fundraising Co-Chair

Shenani Setungamudali

Fundraising Co-Chair


I am a third year Human Biology major. My ideal day involves me reading a good book while drinking coffee and eating frozen yogurt as it rains. I love going on adventures and have a Game of Thrones banner in my apartment. I'm very friendly so please come say hi, I can't wait to meet you all!

Samika Shenoy : Publicity Co-Chair

Samika Shenoy

Publicity Co-Chair

I'm a second year Bioengineering: Biotechnology major in Marshall College. I love to bake, travel, and watch the sunset at the cliffs. I work in a biosensors lab and am also a campus tour guide, so if you see me around campus don't be afraid to say hi!

Jacqueline Olness : Publicity Co-Chair

Jacqueline Olness

Publicity Co-Chair


Major:Bio engineering, Hometown: Dalla, Texas, Hobbies: write, hiking, competitive eating, What I love: tutoring and traveling

Vianey Perez : Public Health Co-Chair

Vianey Perez

Public Health Co-Chair

I’m currently a 4th year, double-majoring in general biology and cognitive science. My goals are to complete a master’s in public health and eventually go to medical school. During my spare time, I enjoy going to coffee shops, trying out new foods, and watching a good sci-fi/suspense film.

Abel Martinez : Public Health Co-Chair

Abel Martinez

Public Health Co-Chair


In southern California, born and raised. In San Diego is where I spent all of my days. Chillin out, maxin, relaxin all cool. I like to play frisbee right after school. I'm just a pretty dope guy that wants to do good, tryna be a doctor in my neighborhood. I joined this cool club and my mom wasn't scared. She said, "Just do what you love and copy the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air."

Juan E. Moreno : Mexico Liason

Juan E. Moreno

Mexico Liason


Internation Business B.A. & Psychology B.S. with a specialization in Social Psychology
My long term goal is to one day have my own company. More specifically I want to build affordable housing for people in need.
Hometown: Pittsburg, CA
I enjoy anything that makes your heart want to come out of your chest. I'm a thrill seeker that likes to have fun!

Kenny Jones : Dental Co-Coordinator

Kenny Jones

Dental Co-Coordinator


Biochem Cell Biology, Pre-Dental Society, American Canyon, CA, Basketball, UCSD Track & Field, Campus-Wide Senator

Isabella Buhain : Dental Co-Coordinator

Isabella Buhain

Dental Co-Coordinator


Biochemistry & Cell Biology, from Sylmar, I love puppies and J.Cole

Michelle Li : Pharmacy Admin

Michelle Li

Pharmacy Admin

I am a third year pharmacological chemistry major who enjoys jam sessions on the ukulele, yoga, discovering new music, and napping. I am from Laguna Niguel, which is a little suburb in South Orange County. I love food, sunsets, and exploring with good company.

Rajan Bhullar : Pharmacy Admin

Rajan Bhullar

Pharmacy Admin


3rd year Pharmacological Chemistry major. From Yuba City, CA. I love to dance.

Dorian Chen : Pharmacy Admin

Dorian Chen

Pharmacy Admin


Hi! I'm a 4th year biochemistry major with plans on being a pharmacist. When I'm not volunteering at our clinic, I enjoy looking at husky pictures on Instagram. Hopefully there will be at least 7 huskies roaming my house one day.

Sean Lo : Social Co-Chair

Sean Lo

Social Co-Chair


What's up everybody! I'm a human bio major from the Bay Area who loves painting, dancing, and lying on officer bios. Go SAMS!

Subathra Raj : Social Co-Chair

Subathra Raj

Social Co-Chair


I'm a cognitive science major with a specialization major, and I would like to eventually be a neurosurgeon! I love swimming in the ocean, working out, and eating (especially in n out). I'm from San Jose, and I love meeting new people so I'm super open to chilling with members if we share any interests (especially food)!

Milad Bahmanof : Senior Advisor

Milad Bahmanof

Senior Advisor

Anika Balse : Webmaster

Anika Balse



Hi there! I'm a second year pursuing a Physiology and Neuroscience major & Business minor. I am super intrigued by the medical field and want to go to medical school after UCSD! Things that make me happy are puppies, traveling, exploring, cooking & baking, and trying new & unusual things!