Coordinators: Anthony Talaugon and Andres Perkins

Patients seen: 19

There were a total of 6 cars for this clinic. 5 cars belonged to medical while 1 car belonged to dental. For this trip, dental was not able to bring any dentists due to issues with licenses, but 3 dental officers still joined clinic to prepare the dental room for next month. We met at Stein Clinical parking lot at 6:30am and left for clinic at 7:00am. When we arrived, there were many families waiting to be seen. Public health officers gave a presentation about managing blood glucose levels. One of our co-presidents held an informal talk with patients to discuss our upcoming plans with our garden project. Towards the end of clinic, I had a few volunteers go to the dental building to start organizing donations for next month’s clinic. We finished clinic around 2:00 pm. A total of 19 patients were seen. We went to eat at Tacos El Poblano. We finished eating around 3:00 pm and headed to the Otay border. All of our cars went through the all traffic lane and we did not arrive back at UCSD until 8:30 pm. No cars were lost during the trip. I waited until all cars returned to UCSD and collected binders and walkie-talkies.

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