Clinic report: January 28, 2017 @ Enseñada

Coordinators: Natalie Albasha and Shaddy Malik

Patients seen: 14

We met at the Stein Clinical Parking lot at 6:30am, and had a total of 3 medical cars and one dental car. The medical cars left around 7:15am, but coordinated on their own and drove separate from us. Once we arrived at the clinic, volunteers were instructed to wait outside while officers checked out the clinic to see the extent of damage caused by flooding earlier that month. We found that there was mold in nearly every room and that consult room 2’s ceiling had fallen through. The dental building reported having a damaged part of of their ceiling as well but was much less obvious than in medical and not as large. Co-president Cassidy took pictures of the issues. We were able to provide 2 consult rooms, one in consult room 1 and another in the old pharmacy room with 2 medical providers. We ended up seeing 14 patients in which 9 were children. The children were seen by only Dr. Lieuko as Dr. Trapp preferred to see the adults. We finished clinic around 3:00pm and headed to Tacos El Poblano . We left to the border around 4:30pm and crossed back into the US around 9:00pm. Everyone met at Stein afterwards where I collected the binders, walkie talkies, and patient files.

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