Clinic Report: February 25, 2017 @ Enseñada

Coordinators: Andres Perkins and Natalie Albasha

Patients Seen: 18

We left Stein in two waves, planned as a 5am wave and a 645am wave. This was due to a short-notice declaration by the Mayor of Ensenada that he was going to visit the clinic site at 9am. We would have all left early, but some providers were not comfortable with waking up so early/ driving in the dark. One of the drivers arrived late to the 5am wave, but they still got there at about 9am and saw about two patients until the second got there. There was a little bit of disorganization and confusion as we set up. This was due to one of the consult rooms being damaged by the recent rain (which we ended up using as a consult room anyway, as suggested by the provider using it), the Mayor walking around with members of Rotary Vista and Rotary Ensenada, and setting up of EMR. This was the first trip that EMR was to be implemented, and there were many problems. First, there were syncing issues due to login problems, volunteers were unprepared (which was my fault), and there was syncing issues between the pharmacy, lab, and consult stations. We eventually switched back to paper for the last half of the clinic. I sent the providers back early (due to requests) with Juan Moreno, a Spanish-speaking officer with cell service in Mexico, that knew the way back. Also, Dr. Horton drove herself and Abel across, since they both could go in the sentry lane. They got back around 730pm. The rest of us ate tacos and got back around 830pm.

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