Dental Report: April 22, 2017

Dentists: Dr. Ivan Celis, Dr. Anu Raja  

Managers: Isabella Buhain

Volunteers: Najeeb Frangool, Jona Capino, Allende Esquivel
Procedures: COE (4X), LOE (1X), COMP (2X), AMA (1X), SEAL (4X), EXT (3X), AMA Polish (1X), BWXR (1X), PA (1X)

Clinic Notes

Today clinic was very successful. We were ale to see 9 patients thanks to Dr. Ivan Celis and Dr. Anu Raja. We arrived to clinic at approximately 9:30am with only 6 patients on our waitlist initially, and 16 on our waitlist by the end of the day. We accommodated all patients that were willing to stay and have their necessary treatments executed. We were able to reorganize our supply closet in order to make it more efficient to locate necessary items. With the help of one of our volunteers, we were able to use our x-ray machine and successfully develop the films so that our doctors could better evaluate our patients. Both dental chairs need the suction vacuum to be repaired, but the portable suction unit helped us execute the necessary procedures. Dr. Ivan Celis and Dr. Anu Raja provided patient care throughout the day, which resulted in 9 successful evaluations/procedures and 3 appointments for the next clinic trip. It was a pleasure working with both doctors, and we hope to have more productive clinic trips like this one!

Thank you to the Flying Sams for providing such helpful and accessible treatment for those in need!

Isabella Buhain

Item List:

  • Bug Spray/Catchers
  • Cotton Rolls
  • X-ray developer clips
  • Tray Covers
  • Portable Suction Unit
  • X-Ray Lead Apron

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