Dental Report: August 27, 2016

Dentists: Dr. Ahmed Nagy, Dr. Iman Attar
Managers: Kenny Jones, Allende Esquivel (CM), Enrique Corona (FM)
Volunteers: Jessica Yi, Madonna Kondes,
X-ray Tech: Fayrouz Alkhouri

Procedures:  COE (3x), BW (x), PA (x), Comp (x), Ext (1x), Fluoride Varnish (x), OHI (2x)

Clinic Notes

Clinic went very well today, though we didn’t have high volumes of patients we still had important cleanings and exams in order to prevent further complications.

We originally had a family of 5 on the waitlist and by the end of the day we had 10 patients signed up for dental.

We accommodated all patients that were willing to stay and have their necessary treatments executed. However, 4 patients signed up and did not show up to receive the necessary treatment or were no longer waiting once we checked in on triage.

Dr. Ahmed and Dr. Iman continuously swapped out providing patient care throughout the day, which, resulted in 6 successful evaluations/procedures. It was a pleasure having both doctors with us on the clinic trip and we look forward to many more trips to come. One patient came in to check if they could get a night guard and another patient was set to have a root canal at a later date.

Thank you to the Flying Sams for providing such helpful and accessible treatment for those in need!

Kenny Jones

Item List

  • Algernate Mat
  • Anesthetic
  • Garrison Clamps
  • Line Solution
  • Alcohol Dispenser
  • Tip Covers
  • Medium Sterilization Bags
  • Bibs
  • “2L” Bottles
  • Air/Water Tips
  • Space Retainers
  • Formocresol or fernic sulfate
  • S/M/L Gloves


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