Dental Report: March 25, 2017

Dentists: Dr. Leila Jindeel, Dr. Anu Raja

Managers: Kenny Jones, Isabella Buhain

Volunteers: Najeeb Frangool, Jona Capino, Nicole Reitz, Dellanira Alcuater

Procedures: EXT (2X), COE (3X), LOE (1X), COMP (3X), IRM (2X), SDF (8X), Re-cement Bridge

Clinic Notes

Today clinic ran very smoothly. Thanks to Dr. Leila Jindeel and Dr. Anu Raja, we were able to see a total of 10 patients. We originally had 15 people on the waitlist and we accommodated all patients that were willing to stay and have their necessary treatments executed; 10 patients were treated, 5 patients were no-shows. We arrived to clinic a little later than usual, but we were able to see all patients who were present and leave at the regular time. Dr. Leila Jindeel and Dr. Anu Raja provided quality patient care throughout the day, our 3 chairside volunteers worked efficiently, and our Spanish translator helped the our dentists communicate with the patients. Both chairs need to have the suction vacuum repaired; a portable suction unit was used.

Thank you to the Flying Sams for providing such helpful and accessible treatment for those in need!

Isabella Buhain

Clinic Notes

  • Cut Matrix Strips
  • Root Canal materials
  • Denture Lab
  • Spatulas
  • DI Water

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