Coordinators: Anthony Talaugon

Patients seen: 16

Due to no parking on campus from graduation, our plan was to carpool with everyone who needed a ride. Our goal was to leave by 6:00am, but we did not leave until 6:15am. Our three cars caravanned together down to Mexico, took one bathroom break near the second toll, and arrived at clinic at approximately 8:45am. We only had one medical provider this trip so the flow of clinic was slower. Furthermore, we only had one dental provider limiting the amount of patients we could see to 6. Medical saw 16 patients and we left clinic at 2:45pm. After eating lunch across the street we headed to the border at 3:40pm. The border took about 45 minutes to cross. We used the ready lane while volunteers without passport cards walked across the border with officers. By the time all cars crossed it was 6:45pm. All cars headed back to UCSD or to drop off volunteers where they lived.

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