Coordinator: Anika Balse

Patients seen: 25

We had an early car leave at 5:30 to head down to set up the clinicThe other 2 cars for volunteers met on campus at 5:30 and after waiting for the pharmacist, who eventually did not show up, we left around 6:00, took one bathroom break before the first toll, and arrived at the clinic at around 8:00 am. The 3 providers drove to the clinic separately and arrived around 9:00 am, so we did not see patients until 9:15 am. In total we saw 25 patients before leaving at 1:50 pm. We ate at the usual taco shop and left for the border around 2:40 pmhe border took about 45 minutes to cross. We used the ready lane while volunteers without passport cards walked across the border with officers. By the time all cars crossed it was 5:15 pm. All cars headed back to UCSD or to drop off volunteers where they lived.

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