Clinic Report: June 3, 2017 @ Rancho de los niÑos orphanage

Coordinator: Shaddy Malik

Patients seen: 30

We had an early car leave at 4:30 to head down to our normal clinic site to drop off Pharm admits to clean the pharmacy and dispose of old meds. The early car also picked up meds and equipment we would need at the orphanage. The other 3 cars met on campus at 5:30 and leave towards the boarder that 6. We ended up arriving at the orphanage at 8:30 but couldn’t see any patients until 9:30 because the children were eating breakfast. The day started slow due to some miscommunication with the caretakers, but eventually Public Health Officers went around compiling a list of kids to be seen. In total we saw 30 patients before leaving. We ate at a taco shop in Rosarito on the way back to the states. We left clinic at 2:30, ate at 3:30 and left to the boarder at 4:30. The line was very fast and only took 30mins for all cars to cross. We arrived back on campus at 6:30pm. 

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