Clinic Report: October 28, 2017 @ Ensenada

Coordinator:  Shaddy Malik

Patients seen: 22

We had an early car leave at 5:30 to head down to set up the clinic. The other 3 cars for volunteers met on campus at 5:30 and we left around 6:00, took one bathroom break after toll B, and arrived at the clinic at around 8:30 am. With the 4 providers, we were able to see 22 patients in total before leaving at 3:50 pm. We ate at the usual taco shop and left for the border around 5:30 pm. The border took about 30 mins for the 2 cars that went through the ready lane, and 1 hour and a half for the all traffic cars. By the time all cars crossed and got back to campus it was 10:00 pm. 

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